20 October, 2016

VLCC beauty products review

VLCC has been a name synonymous with slimming and weight loss but have you tried their makeup and beauty products? They are delightful.

Some of the products I have personally tried and tested are their:
Face Washes: Wild Turmeric, Cacti & Litchi, Alpine mint & Tea tree.
Lip balms:Cherry and rose
Pedicure- Manicure kit
Silver facial kit

Their products are divine. They smell heavenly, their results are amazing, their packaging is immaculate and the feel is great.

The kajal pencil is soft and glides like a dream. It is really black, the way I like it.
The lip balms are smooth, buttery and delicious. They really leave the lips soft and supple.
The pedicure- manicure kit is a perfect handy kit to do your own feet and hands at home very professionally.
The face washes are so good. They not only clean the face but the face feels so soft and creamy and nice.They smell so good. The ingredients used are very natural and chemical free.

The cost of each product is very reasonable. I am in love with these products. I strongly recommend them and am going to be their loyal customer for ages. These are goodies that you must have. These beauties make you fall in love with yourself.

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