10 November, 2016

Ding Ding: Restaurant review

Ding Ding is a take away/ home delivery restaurant in GK-1. Today we had food from there.
It came nicely packed on time. The packaging is very basic. The prices have been kept pretty low.

We ordered 
Hotty Bae Soup
Talu my Ding Veg soup
Honey m home
Spring rolls
Hakka noodles with stir fried veggie- hot garlic
Fried rice with stir fry schezwan sauce

My review about the food. 
My full vote is for Talu my ding soup. It was the best. It had lots of vegetables, broccoli etc and noodles. One bowl of this is like complete meal in itself.
The spring rolls, fried rice and honey potatoes (honey m home) too got polished in no time.
For my taste, hot garlic sauce was very hot and spicy. But that is only my personal choice. If you like spicy food, then you will love it.

It was a lovely experience to order from this outlet. Do specify to them how much spicy or non spicy food you prefer and they will do it as per your taste. Give it a try.

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