25 November, 2016

Fusion Bistro: Restaurant Review

If you are in Delhi and looking for real good food and a restaurant that does not burn a hole in your pocket, just head straight to Fusion Bistro. Fusion Bistro is in Kailash Colony. Under one roof, they serve, Italian, Continental, American, Lebanese, Mexican, Thai, North Indian, Chinese and even coastal cuisines. They have a big menu around the globe. This does not mean that they are jack of all trades and master of none. In fact, they have huge kitchens on 2 floors and 24 people working in the kitchen. The Directors- Arvind Kaila and Chef Shankar Krishnamurthy are ex hoteliers. The GM Mr. Prayag has 24 years of experience in the hotel industry. They might be new entry in Delhi but their restaurant Fusion 9 is very popular in Hyderabad. They also do institutional catering for 18000 people of Google, Microsoft, Facebook, etc. They have large expansion plans in Delhi.
The reason for having such a large menu was that they wanted to cater to every age group. Whether it was elderly couple or kids, they wanted to provide best food under one roof.
They kept the ambience simple, sober and colourful. It is colourful but not jarring. They spent 2 months only on trials and more trials of food. Their focus was good food.
In today's times, when people lay emphasis on presentation of food and decor of the restaurant, their emphasis is quality and taste of food. Unlike unchi dukaan aur feeka pakwan (Hindi saying that translates as: Big shop, big name and food that does not taste good), they have put all their energy in serving delicious food. They want best quality food and hence they use top quality ingredients. Nothing is of less quality. You can see their kitchen and their staff. I even clicked a picture of their refrigerator that stocked only vegetables separately that were so fresh. Some of their spices come directly from Kerala, which makes the food rich and flavourful. It even has its own in house bakery. They do not outsource anything.
As a food blogger, I immediately get vibes from a place and its staff. I can immediately sense the energy of the place, how hospitable is the staff, whether they are just doing their duty or really serving dil se (from the heart). This is one such place where the vibes were totally positive.

Each and every dish on their menu is worth tasting. The food really is finger licking delicious. Some things that I tried:
Caesar salad
Greek salad
Hazelnut shake
Strawberry sunrise smoothie
Apple crumble
Trio of chocolate 
Paneer butter masala
Banarasi dum aloo
Spinach and Ricotta cheese Ravioli

You would have never in your life tasted such yummy Banarasi dum aloo. Do not miss it.
I would go there again to try their other cuisines. This place is seriously a must try place.

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