22 November, 2016

House Of Commons: Restaurant Review

The House of Commons is the name of the elected lower house of the bicameral parliaments of the United Kingdom and Canada. But we also have a restaurant in CP by this name. Yesterday, I went to dine there. I was pleasantly surprised with this hidden gem that I did not know about. The food was delicious- simply yum. The must haves there in vegetarian are:

1.   Palak patte ki chaat. It was not oily at all. It was so mouth-watering that I polished it all. You MUST try this.
2.   Red wine poached pear salad. Such flavourful salad. I simply loved it.
3.   Mock tail-Tongue twister- green apple, lime, mint and salt. See my instagram post.

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4.   Mock tail-Apple and cinnamon smash with basil.
5.   Cheese and vegetable spring roll. This was different from any other spring roll that I have had.
6.   Chilly paneer crispy cups. It was not too hot or spicy. In fact, it was just right amount of spice and presented so well.
7.   British Raj Mac- Super cheesy macaroni that melted in the mouth.
8.   Hide and seek Chocolate shake- better than any oreo shakes.
9.   Dahi ke kebab- nice flavour of ilaichi. (cardamon), clove, etc. Again melted in the mouth.
10. Verdure Pizza- Grilled vegetables- finger licking good.

Special note to wonderful staff. When you get very good and attentive service, it is very noticeable. This restaurant stood out for its service.
There was a Live DJ and good music. Not too loud.
Great Food.
Very neat presentation
No frills. Delightful. 
Not too expensive.
Interesting decor that you can sit and enjoy along with luscious meal.

I loved the place. My rating



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