12 November, 2016

Nukkad Cafe & Bar: Restaurant review

Nukkad is named very aptly. When I went to this restaurant, I could understand why it is appropriately called Nukkad. It is in one corner of SDA market, that is what Nukkad means- a corner. This market is buzzing with restaurants now. Most of their clients are students from IIT which is right in front. Hence, the pricing and decor is befitting for students. It is simple and nice. They have outdoor and indoor seating as well . 
The menu is like a notebook with lines. 
The highlight was the music. It was really nice selection of music being played on Saturday afternoon. Each number was my favourite. 
The service was very slow and even little careless,  considering there are not many people there.. They seemed little unconcerned.
The food was too spicy. Some dishes were really hot and brought tears in my eyes. Despite the fact that I repeatedly told them to make it less spicy.

This is what all we tried there and were recommended:

Kala khatta – It hit my throat. It was too tangy but in a good way. It was tasty.
Masala bunta. I was told that they make it on their own and do not use a syrup. It took us back to college time. It is like good old days but served more hygienically. The have been able to maintain the taste with hygiene.
Aam sutra. Nice, refreshing drink.
Paan mojito- It had lot of lovely flavours. It was really nice. It had ilaich (cardamom) , saunf, paan, etc.

Vada pao- Thought it would be spicy but it was good for my taste.
Mushroom galouti kebab- too spicy. Burning hot. Totally did not like it. Do not recommend it at all.
Dahi ke kebab- nice
Kurkure idli chaat. Just okay
Mumbayia bhelpuri- too spicy. Despite me telling them not to make it spicy. Street food.
Crispy chilli gobi
Chaat- aaloo chaat

Main course
Paneer butter masala
Laccha paratha

Brownie with ice cream.

Overall it is a nice chilled out place. You can spend  relaxing evening or day here. Nothing over the top good but a pleasant place.

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