29 November, 2016

Pro-Moi- Stencil that helps to get winged Eyeliner

Are you like me, who can never apply perfect eyeliner? Here is some help. Now you can apply eyeliner like pros and makeup experts and professionals. Now that you have your pro-moi stencil, you will always have a perfect wing. 
They say never ask a woman with a perfect winged eyeliner, why she is late. With this fabulous help in hand, you won't even be late and you will be able to draw perfect winged eyeliner.
All you have to do is place a stencil over your eye, hold it tightly in place, for a thicker wing, you may choose to place it slightly higher and fill up with your eyeliner. It allows you to create looks from a thin traditional eyeliner look to a bold dramatic look.
The stencil is lightweight and perfectly fits into you make up bag with ease so you can use this anywhere and everywhere for any occasion. The stencil includes instructions along with a cloth to help keep your stencil clean for the eye area. It is recommended to use with liquid eyeliner, it makes the process a lot smoother and faster
Voilà, this stencil seems to be an answer to every woman's prayers. You cannot imagine how easy it is to use and what dramatic results it gives. 

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