23 November, 2016

The Drunk House: Restaurant review

The Drunk House is a restaurant in Rajouri Garden. People in South Delhi seldom want to visit West Delhi but this place will make you change your mind. It is such a cool and fabulous place with amazing food. The decor is just fun. There are moustaches all over- on the chairs, on the uniforms of servers, in the escalator, etc. The food is finger-licking good. It is one place where I found the spice level just right according to my taste. I had no reasons to complain. In fact I came back very happy. Amongst their menu, the following are my recommendations

1. Biryani- they have both vegetarian and non vegetarian options and both are good
2. Paneer Lababdar
3. Dal Makhan wali
3. Pizza- You must try their pizzas. They are delicious.
4. Creamy pesto sauce- You will not find a better pesto pasta. You have to try this.
5. Veg Burger- O it came so well presented. Check out the picture

For desserts, I would recommend
1. Chocolate Walnut Brownie
2. You must try their gems chocolate pizza. You must not have seen or eaten it anywhere else.

Food is really good here. Talking about  service, it was impeccable, super efficient, fast and hassle free service that was a delight. 

My rating

Food: 5/5
Service: 6/5
Decor: 5/5
Presentation: 5/5
Prices: 5/5

They did not go wrong anywhere. 

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