24 December, 2016

Anilana hotel: Trincomalee

In Trincomalee, I am staying in hotel Anilana. It is a new property here. It is not my top favorite. It is all white, huge, very minimalist and bare but at the same time very cold. It has an eerie feel to it. The service is not upto the mark. Few examples of bad service-

1. There were no toiletries in the room when I checked in. I had to repeatedly ask for them.
2. In buffet, they mixed and put vegetarian and non vegetarian together in the same twin bowl. I could not have the vegetarian one. The lid was the same and the steam seemed to be going in both. 
3. In a season of mango, they did not seem to have them.

It does not have good vibes. It looks deserted. There are 2 pools separated by a wall. I do not understand the concept of the wall in between. The water of the pool is such that I could not see the bottom of the pool for some strange reason.
I am told that jungle beach is another good property to check.
Trincomalee is a port city on the east coast of Sri Lanka. The city is built on a peninsula, which divides the inner and outer harbours. The Bay of Trincomalee's harbour is the largest natural harbour in Sri Lanka. The beaches are used for surfing, scuba diving, fishing and whale watching. Kannya hot water wells are very popular among visitors here. There are 7 water wells with different temperatures. 

Anyway, check my pictures on the beach in front of the hotel.

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