27 December, 2016

Island Paradise Sri Lanka

The traditional way of greeting people is by placing hands together as if to pray and saying AYUBOWAN which means may you have a long life. When entering any temple or place of worship, you knee, shoulders should be covered as sign of respect. 
See some traditional foods of Sri Lanka. Something looked like appam but it has an egg added to it.  It is called egg hopper. I got mine made with jaggery or honey instead.
Then they had hopper or string hoppers. It was like vermicelli. They ate it with sambol and dhal.
Beetroot curries were also there, mango chutney was always there. They had milk rice cake. 
The dishes were similar to Indian food, yet different. The food was delicious for sure.

I saw many different vegetables in the market. The ones I have never seen. They have plenty of avocados and mangoes and the size of their mushrooms is huge.

Beautiful sunsets on the beach

Tallest ever trees that I saw during my morning walks.

Lake in Kandy

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