26 December, 2016

Village tour and village food

While in Sri Lanka, a special tour was organised. It was village tour. I was first taken in Bullock cart and then in a boat to see a village and taste the authentic village food. It was one of the best experience during my trip. The boat man, even plucked a lotus flower and gave it to me.
This was the tastiest ever meal of my life- so simple, so pure and organic and delicious is even an understatement. No hotel, no chef can ever beat that taste. It was prepared in front of us tourists. Check the pictures.

Ride in bullock cart

The lady who prepared the meal, very lovingly and smilingly.

I think she is very beautiful. This kind of beauty is seldom found.

In the end, she even showed how she made the roof of her hut with coconut leaf.

She asked me to try things. It was fun.

At the end was a ride in their auto.

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