30 January, 2017

Eating heavenly food with a friend

A friend of mine, Ashish Chopra is a Culinary historian, Author, Television host, Gourmet, Travel writer and Flavour analyst. The knowledge and passion about food he has is incredible. He loves to cook, feed, invite friends over, collect very traditional cooking utensils and what not. His zeal is infectious. Eating at his place was like being transported to food heaven. I could just marvel at his skills and enjoy the finger licking cuisine that he had prepared so kindly. It was a delightful array of food/art on the table.
There was
Gobi gajar matar ki subzi
Bathua ka raita- ammm. I could eat it all my life
Murg ka dhuan dhar kofta
Taazi methi tamatar raja mircha aur dry fish chutney (Bhoot jhalokia methi ki chutney)
Mushroom aur waadi kat pulao
Baigan ka teekha bhartha
Chana dal palak wala

There was selection of pickles (achar)
Lingde ka achar
methi ka achar
neembu ka achar
sangri ka achar
amle ki chutney

We started with home made ginger ale and for the dessert we had Mystically purple. Aah! it is one of the best and most innovative desserts I had ever tasted. It was made from kali gajar (black carrots) from which we generally make kanji and yogurt. It had crushed peanuts, cardamom and almonds. I could finish the whole bowl in one go. No kidding.

There are plenty of restaurants with fine dining and exotic cuisines. But when a friend invites you over and you sit and have meaningful conversations and enjoy the meal so lovingly prepared by them, it is nothing less than nirvana. 

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