30 April, 2017

Restaurant review; Baris

Baris means peace in Turkish. The restaurant serves Middle-eastern, Mediterranean food. The cuisine is from - Lebanon, Syria, Turkey and Italy. This is the first and the only restaurant in Delhi serving such cuisine. There are take away joints and shawarma places but not in house dining places that concentrate on Middle Eastern cuisines. These days many lounges serve shawarmas, mezze platters, falafels etc. Baris comes across as very authentic Middle Eastern restaurant. 
Their chef, Sahin is from Istanbul. The owners are Mr Arjun Toor and Gaurav Sethi. Turkish and Indian spices are used in the restaurant.
Baris is the new kid on the block & thankfully really close to me in Greater Kailash Part 2 adjacent to the JMD Square Mall offering a fine dine experience with an Array authentically crafted Mediterranean Dishes with a soothing ambience. I was absolutely blown away by the kind of food Baris offered. 

They also have a beautiful, super romantic rooftop. 
Every Friday they have an event with live Sufi music.

I am going to list some the dishes I tried and that are must have.

Welcome Dip ( almond Tarator + Cacik + Olive Oil )  
Pallet Cleanser ( Beets ( shalgum )  Water 

Avgo Lemono 
Zupa De Mare ( sea food ) 

Chefin Salatsi
Veg Fattouch Salad

Labneh with Avacado    

Woodo Paynir 
Firinda Somon 

Baklava Duo 
Pimpkin Catalana 
Cream Di Chocolate 

Turk Kehvasi  

 The Greek Classic Avgo Lemon Soup with Veggies & Rice in a lemon Yoghurt broth, Spinach & Chili Oil! (The Turks adore their yoghurt like we do) Smells really good, it was a Hearty & Delicious Soup.

 Woodo Paynir - the outline of the being Grilled Paneer Steak on Mahogany Noodles poured with a spicy tomato Cream Sauce on top with some Rosemary alongside. Paneer was hefty & grilled to perfection, The Sweet & Spicy Sauce lending a great flavour to this beautifully presented dish :)

Highly Recommended-BAKLAVA DUO - With Chef Sahin Ibis from Istanbul. Hand rolled Filo dough baked in butter & tastes deep & rich of walnut & pistachio & soaked in Cinnamon Syrup & then topped with Home-Made Clotted Cream! The Baklava was Tender & Party in my Mouth. Definitely a Rich Treat to the Senses!

Highly Recommended- Crema Di Chocolate
 - This decadent mousse bursting with raspberries, rich dark chocolate, Turkish Coffee & Hazelnuts is simple enough to make any day, You got to order this along with the Already Awesome Baklava

The "Quintessential" Turk Kahvesi - Perfect end to the Meal, the Turkish coffee is a method, not a flavour & it takes a truly skilled barista to keep the brew hot enough to cook each cup with a head of foam & fine grounds at the bottom.


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