27 September, 2017

Amer Fort Jaipur

Amer Fort is located 11 kilometres away from Jaipur in Amer. It is built on a hill and is a big tourist attraction for people going to Jaipur. It has majestic and large gates, cobbled path and overlooks Maota Lake. This fort is constructed with red sandstone and marble. There is Diwan-i-aam or hall for public audience, Diwan-i-khas or hall for esteemed/VIP people and sheesh mahal/ jai mandir- mirror palace. There is also sukh niwas which has cooler climate created artificially by winds that blow over water cascade in the palace. It was the residence of Rajput Maharajas. This palace and Jaigarh fort are connected by a passage. It has beautiful latticed windows from where the women saw outside. In the pictures below you will see the main palace ground, Diwan-i-aam, Diwaan-i-khas, second courtyard, sheesh mahal, sukh niwaas or sukh mahal (hall of pleasure), the fourth courtyard where zenana or royal women including mistresses lived. This courtyard has many living rooms where the queens resided and who were visited by the king at his choice without being found out as to which queen he was visiting, as all the rooms open into a common corridor.