Georgette is fine, lightweight, open texture fabric usually in a plain weave, that is made from crepe yarns (highly twisted) usually two S twisted and Z twisted yarns in both warp and weft.

Shattir is used in creating exclusive and modernized Banaras sarees.

Based on design, the fabrics are classified as (some of them are discussed):

Jangla: In this type of Sarees colorful silk threads are used. It has Jangala intricate patterns adds value in design. Jangala vegetation motif, that scrolls and spread in sarees is expected to be first in Banaras brocades. Rose Saree consists of embellished gold creepers and silver flowers of Jangala motif gives stylish look.

Where to shop for good Banarasi sarees: I have already mentioned the list here earlier. Te saree below was bought from SND (Shah Narayan Das). They have a retail outlet in Delhi by the name of Ekaya.