16 October, 2017

Shaded Bandhej Saree

On the third day of my trip to Varanasi, I took out this beauty. It has myriad of hues of nature. It falls so comfortably and is light as air. It is very easy to drape and good in all weathers. We walked so much and I was so relaxed in it. Yes, I again teamed it with a T-shirt to be comfier. You can see me in the same T-shirt as an activewear here. My necklace and earrings are from Mexico. More informative post about Varanasi is coming soon.
Some people say that sarees are not comfortable. I find denim and jeans most uncomfortable outfit- heavy, non-airy and clingy. Some people say the glass is half full and others say it is half empty. I say it is half. It is your attitude- positive or negative. 
Choose to wear what you are comfortable in, whatever suits you. Fashion and trends come and go but style and elegance are eternal. So choose to be stylish not just fashionable. More importantly, have your original style and carry it with panache. 

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