21 November, 2017

Saree that got converted to a tango dress

The saree and I in this picture are about 30 years old. At my cousin sister's wedding, I borrowed my mom's saree. It was covered with sequins and a lot in trend in those days. Today I cannot imagine wearing a sequin-covered saree. I love my handlooms currently. That time, unlike today, it was hand embroidered and not machine made.  The sequins and embroidery done on it are really good quality.  Recently, when my mom was discarding this saree, I immediately grabbed it and asked her to give it to me. I wanted to convert it to my tango dress. It has been over six months, the dress was ready. In fact, mom asked me many times what I had done with the saree. I kept telling her that she will see me wear it on the right occasion. The occasion I was waiting for, was my Tango festival. I proudly wore it on the finale of the festival and of course received many compliments for the same, especially from the foreign guests. I even told them that it was made out of my mom's saree. They were pleasantly surprised. Have a look at the saree and the dress. 

More pictures of the festival can be seen here.

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