16 December, 2017

Begumpuri saree

Delhi is getting colder day by day and I chose to wear cotton Begumpuri. Despite that, I was super warm and comfortable in this thick and coarse fabric. It felt snug and cosy.

This saree was bought recently online. The grey colour can be dressed up or dressed down. It has Ganga Jamuna borders and the feel is that of straight out of grandma's comfortable lap. Blouse as previously worn with lehenga here. See how it is a vintage piece.

The revival of the Begumpur weaving cluster in the recent past is one of the success stories of Indian handloom space. Through efforts of the government and especially the Weaver Service Center of West Bengal, the classic weaves of Begumpur including the Matha par and Naksha Par (border styles) are making a comeback into handloom wardrobes all across.

The principal change has been the quality of fabric that now brings out the fineness of this very intricate tribal patterns of Begumpur like never before.

Soft, Subtle & Sophisticated

Begumpuri sarees are extremely comfortable and sophisticated yet subtle designs on these sarees make them the perfect choice for every weather. Look out for the special Ganga Jamuna border ones amongst these Dobby weave beauties from Bengal. As part of my efforts in sustaining the weaving heritage and skills in India, I am really excited to showcase it on my blog.

Begumpuri sarees are cotton weaves with bold lines and geometric patterns that run across the body. They are beautifully handwoven, easy to maintain cotton saree that do not require frequent starching and drape like a dream. Once very famous for its distinctive weave, this is now being revived through a cluster development initiative by the Government of West Bengal.

Begumpuri Cotton Saree: Classy Drapes in Bright Hues

One of the cotton weaving hubs in Hooghly district of West Bengal, Begampur is well known for its distinctive hand-woven cotton sarees with a coarse texture and lightweight nature. Begampuri cotton sarees are every handloom lover’s delight. While the simpler saree takes about 10-12 hours to weave, the more intricate ones take 5-6 days each to complete.

Identical Motifs on Both Sides of the Fabric

With a yarn count of 40/60, these sarees are coarse and stiff in nature. Easy to maintain, the drapes are loosely woven and translucent and designed with a variety of motifs that include floral, paisley and traditional patterns. The weaving technique makes the motifs look almost identical on both sides of the fabric.

Simply Comfortable Weaves

Lightweight yet artistic, these sarees are suitable for everyday wear. It’s a must-have for all those of you who swear by the simplicity of handloom cotton.

I didn't imagine that Bengal's handlooms are turning out such variety. Begumpur in Hooghly is part of the cluster of villages producing Dhanekhali saree. It's one of our best weaving centres.

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