08 January, 2018

Vintage Banarasi saree

The saree in the blog is enriched with history. It dates back 35-40 years. My dad bought this bright red saree for mom and us sisters thought that it was too loud and gaudy. We teased mom so much that she hardly wore it. But a blessing in disguise is that this timeless treasure survived almost untouched in mom's closet. Until the time I saw it again recently during my trip to Mommyland. I asked her if I could borrow it. Today I know its worth. It did not seem loud and gaudy anymore. In fact, with changing trends, it emerged as a classic vintage winner.
Banarasi meenakari saree is a timeless treasure collection, with each saree deserving a place in seasoned saree collector's wardrobe. This is a red pure silk handwoven Banarasi saree with gold zari booteh. Banarasi sari is among the finest saris in India. They are known for their gold and silver zari, fine silk embroidery and rich brocade work. An ancient textile, Banarasi sari has stood the test of time making it a true classic. It has seen many adaptations, incorporating aesthetics from dominant design trends of the many cultures it graced and dressed. This ability to adapt to market design influences makes it highly relevant to our modern Indian dressing. Designs today are a revival of the traditional patterns fused with current trends. This particular saree is with kadhwa floral weave- jangla with floral meenakari work, woven to perfection. 
Of course, mom got upset that why we teased her at that time and today I am loving the same saree. That is the beauty of vintage classics. Sarees are like old wines. They get better with age. What might appear too loud today might look very trendy twenty years down the line. But this stands true to handwoven classic weaves not to tacky embroidered or designer sarees. The old colours cannot be reproduced. You might say it is just red. But this kind of special red colour with beautiful work is hard to find or reproduce today. So I loved wearing this vintage enchanting beauty to a wedding.

Oh! the blouse I am wearing is from the time of my wedding. It is actually the blouse I wore for my wedding with lehenga. It has not been altered at all. Wearing vintage saree and blouse, it made sense that I pose with a vintage car. 

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