02 March, 2018

Cotton saree for comfort and grace

I have previously worn this saree here  If you are following me on instagram, you would have seen it.
Recently, I have been on a buying spree for sarees. I have become a saree addict. 
But I also realise that I must not neglect my old sarees. I should repeat them often. So here it is. Although this cotton saree has traces of Orissa Ikat, I had bought it from Chennai. Hence, I am not very sure of its origin. I bought similar saree in a different colour for my sister too. Check out our sarees.
Below I am also posting the pictures of this saree worn previously.
Today I paired it with Punjabi Jutti and glass bangles.
It is delightful to take care of your sarees. Starting with a process of getting fall on it, getting its blouse made, wearing it, folding it back neatly, giving it for steam ironing- the whole routine is endearing and enriching. No other garment brings you so much joy.

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