21 March, 2018

Orissa cotton saree

In past few years, there has been a rave of woven sarees from Odisha. These are gorgeous sarees and I do not know a single saree aficionado who does not have even one Odisha weave in her collection. Whether it is Sambalpuri or Bomkai, or Bichitrapuri or Dongria or Khandua or Kotki or Kotpad or Nupatna or Siminoi or Passapalli or Bapta or Pattachitra (painting), I have proudly added each one of them to my collection. Do click on few links to see them. 
My favourite place to buy these sarees is Odisha state emporium in Delhi named Utkalika. Whenever I have gone there I have picked multiple sarees. They are all so pretty and the prices are very reasonable. I have bought few sarees online also but nothing beats the quality and price of the government emporium.
Here is another beauty that I picked up from Utkalika. I had gone to pick up a gift for my sister and ended up buying so many sarees for myself. I have to resist myself from going there because I will never come out without buying more Odisha sarees from there.

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