05 March, 2018

White Dhakai saree

Recently, amongst many other sarees, mom also gave me her this beautiful white Dhakai saree. In fact, I had chosen this beauty for her many years back. No wonder, I loved it so much. Online I see women exchanging and wearing each other's sarees. For me, this concept is weird. No offence to anyone. While I can proudly flaunt my mom's old sarees, exchange sarees with my sister, I would have loved to inherit my grand mother's sarees, I cannot imagine exchanging sarees with any other woman randomly. Anyhow, to each their own.
I carefully mend and darn mom's sarees (I am quite an expert at it), make it look fresh and new and pair it with my blouses.
I have said it earlier and I will say it again- Treat your blouses like tops that you wear with skirts or pants. Or like leggings that you pair with tunics and Kurtis. Do not try to match much. Anything works and especially with this exquisite white Dhakai saree, the possibilities are innumerable. Anything and everything can be paired with this.

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