29 April, 2018

Ilkal saree in Pune

Here are five reasons why Ilkal sarees are known as the best traditional sarees.

1. Ilkal silk saree is a purely traditional saree because of its simple and traditional designs which can give every woman are pure Indian traditional look.
2. The sarees are not made from fake or low-quality materials. The saree is either made of genuine cotton,  or a mixture of cotton and silk or in pure silk as the need.
3. The unique feature of Ilkal saree is its pallu that consists of contrast colour (in this case red and white) alternate stripes woven in pure silk which looks really beautiful & unique.
4. The colours traditionally used are pomegranate red, deep blue, brilliant peacock green and parrot green for a traditional look. 
5. The Ilkal sarees are now becoming a new trend. Nowadays these sarees are used to make a western dress which makes a fantastic & elegant look of a mixture of traditional & western. It gives a unique look at the fashion shows.

I wore Ilkal saree to meet another saree friend whom I know through my Instagram, in Pune. 

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