18 May, 2018

Dhakai Saree

 Unlike the National dress of Japan- Kimono, saree is not a structured garment. These are six fluid yards that require no zips, fasteners, tailoring, buttons. I do not even use safety pins. Some women do. I do not recommend them. The saree will not come off, even if you accidentally trip on it. That is why Indian women can do all household chores comfortably in it. The size does not change and nor does the fashion (provided it is a traditional woven saree. We are not talking about the designer or embroidered sarees here which are better less spoken or written about- pieces of trash). 
In fact, like wine, the older the saree gets (traditional ones), the better and classier it becomes. It is six yards of free-flowing, unstitched fabric that can be draped in innumerable ways. It suits every body type and age, it is ideal for all weathers, it comes in various fabrics and every price range- from very low, mid and very high. What is there to not love in a saree? In different parts of India, although you will find different languages, cultures, traditions, a common binding factor in each part is a saree. It might be draped differently in each part but saree will have its strong presence everywhere. 
I have worn this saree Dhakai here before with a different blouse pairing.

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