05 June, 2018

Visit to RTP in Portugal

RTP is Radio and Television of Portugal. One of the most popular channels of Portugal. How does one feel if one is invited as a guest there? Honoured and privileged I guess. See the big smile on my face. Feeling excited. I worked for Indian television as a kid when I was 8 years old. I continued to work till I was 15. The tryst later continued with my fitness shows on TV. One of the fitness show telecast on DD was aired every morning for five continuous years, every day. Also, there were many fitness episodes shot for various TVchannels that you can see on my Youtube channel. I was interviewed by RTP about tango in India. You can see behind the scenes on my Instagram here. Will post my interview soon. Enjoy the views of RTP studio. 

Wearing a Kadappa saree in Lisbon. When packing my sarees for travel, my choices depended on. 
1. I can repeat my previously worn sarees because the location will be new so worth for the sarees. 
2. Pack something inexpensive and not super precious because if it gets spoilt or lost ( I hope not), it does not pinch me hard. 
3. Pack something that is easy to maintain and comfortable. 
4. Something that drapes well and does not get wrinkled easily. 
5. Pack nice and bright colours ( photo ops you see) 
6. Pack something lightweight. 
7. Pack sarees with which I can combine blouses and petticoats. So multiple sarees with probably same petticoat. 
The sarees are perfect for all weathers. I was comfortable throughout. Indians think that they should dress in westerns when they travel. Some women who wear sarees or Indian attire at home, living in a joint family, specially pack westerns when they travel. I have heard many Indian women say that they wear westerns only in their trip overseas. Some say, “ when in Rome, do as Romans do”. But I have discovered that sarees get you so much appreciation overseas. Not 1 person has ever been discriminatory. On the contrary, people stop and tell you how beautiful attire it is. Everyday I was getting compliments. Some women even offered to buy my sarees. ( of course, I refused to part with my collection- they are like my babies- very dear). People smiled, stood, came up and spoke to me. So women, wear sarees when you travel. They are a very comfortable attire. They make you look graceful, sensual and exotic in a foreign land. Make your country proud. Instead of blending in, dare to stand out.