13 July, 2018

Cream Chanderi saree

Everyone has their own intrinsic style. Maybe the book Fountainhead influenced me a lot or maybe my natural style was always minimalistic, simple, refrain from frills and gaudy stuff. Minimum makeup, simple and elegant handloom sarees (definitely no embroideries), no experimental draping, black and straight hair with a solid cut, going easy on accessories- this seems to be my style as I am ageing. In no way, I am criticising anyone who has a different style. In fact, I admire different styles on others. Everyone has their own style and the idea is to be comfortable with what you wear. Some people like tattoos, others do not. Some are like me who like it on others but not on themselves. Some people love makeup and splurge on it, others prefer no makeup look or bare face. I like to see others doing it but not on myself. The style is how you carry yourself and what you are comfortable in. I am only stating my own style. On the other hand, I am also stating that I like to see others experimenting with different styles. Our differences make us unique. 
While I love bright colours like reds and fuschias, I am equally happy and comfortable in lighter tones such as the one I am wearing below. This is my two-decade-old Gossamer Chanderi saree with a muted thread work on the butis, palla and border. No zari work. 

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