07 July, 2018

Mom's cotton saree

Every girl dreams of looking like her mom when she grows up, I admired how my mom used to wear sarees. I still remember how I used to drape them on me over a frock.  My first formal saree was at the school farewell. I wonder whether the school still has the same tradition. Mom helped me to drape it. We were supposed to do a ramp walk in that. I prepared how I would walk, how I would turn, how I would hold the aanchal. It was a mauve coloured plain saree. I understood that day that saree looks good on any body type and age. I also understood that it was the most graceful thing to wear. Then I wore my mom's saree for my cousin's wedding. Saree seemed to transform me from a girl to a woman. Mom's sarees are always super comfortable.
This cotton saree is another hand me down from my mom's old sarees. It is a very simple Sandalwood (in Hindi we say Chandan) and Ash colour saree. It is ideal to lounge around at home, run errands and just be comfortable in. There is nothing fancy about it but it is soft like a butter and does smell like mom.

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