25 July, 2018

Peteru Cotton Saree

Every weave is created with a lot of passion and hard work by weavers. Before the big cities with all the shopping options came up, most of the buyers used to buy directly from weavers. This enabled the buyers to appreciate the effort put in by weavers and also create an immense sense of satisfaction for the weaver when they actually see their weave being worn. Buying now has become an impersonal thing. Buyers now have very little knowledge about how an article they are using is crafted. 
Shop small. Buy directly from the weavers and not designers. Learn to appreciate handlooms and weaves. This is Peteru cotton saree. It is not the softest cotton I have. Yet, it resembles linen or khadi saree. I loved it for its white, red and black combination and stripes. It can be paired in many smart ways.


  1. Sari and Indian women are complement to each other. Having reference in Vedas and it's liking in 21st Century by modern women shows that this 9 yards cloth simply transform a lady to a Devi. Devi means beauty with brain and an her aura which influence the thought process of others. Kiran pose in front of Zari back drop of beautiful peacocks creates an aura. leave human Devtas will lose their calm......