26 August, 2018

Ethicus saree

I wore this Ethicus organic cotton Ajrakh saree. This saree is individually crafted by artisans reviving traditional weaving techniques on jacquard handlooms. This saree was hand woven by master weaver Mrs M. Rojaramani. It took her 10 days to weave this. 
Ethicus does fine yarns and classic weaves for comfortable textures. Adopting organic cultivation of fine cotton is done to prevent chemical contamination of fragile forest reservoirs. 
Ajrakh is an age-old technique of printing on fabric using wooden blocks and natural dyes obtained from plants. This Ajrakh printing is done by master craftsman and National Awardee Abdul Jabbar Mohammed Khatri. This saree is a perfect example of weave and print amalgamation. It is a graceful blend of ecologic handwoven cotton enhanced with traditional Ajrakh. The story of two legacies has come together in this. The designing brainchild is of Vijaylakshmi Nachiar. 

I have a collection of Ajrakh sarees. See some of them worn here, here, here and here. There are few more Ajrakhs that are still not showcased on the blog.

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