16 August, 2018

Kora Silk Saree

Kora silk sarees are unique handloom and handwoven. I have worn the same here and here before.
The bonding between silk and womanhood is never ending! There is a strong relationship between every woman with silk sarees as it brings out the best in her. Though Fashion and trend keeps changing day after day, silk tops the list all-time- Betrothal, wedding or baby shower, 
The dress sense of every woman is different but there isn’t anyone who doesn’t stock silk cotton sarees in their wardrobe! When the casual pants and trousers bore you, you can switch to traditional saree which never loses its charm any day!
The beauty of silk sarees depends on the pattern and design, so choose the best design that reflects your inner beauty and thoughts! 

First attended this cutie pie's Anaprashan/Anapradham. When the baby has her first solid meal. 
Later I went to a dear friend's place where there was Flag Hoisting done (Independence day) and lots of music and dance. 

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