31 October, 2018

Ilkal saree

Here are five reasons why Ilkal sarees are known as the best traditional sarees.

1. Ilkal silk saree is a purely traditional saree because of its simple and traditional designs which can give every woman are pure Indian traditional look.
2. The sarees are not made from fake or low-quality materials. The saree is either made of genuine cotton,  or a mixture of cotton and silk or in pure silk as the need.
3. The unique feature of Ilkal saree is its pallu that consists of a contrast colour (in this case red and white) alternate stripes woven in pure silk which looks really beautiful & unique.
4. The colours traditionally used are pomegranate red, deep blue, brilliant peacock green and parrot green for a traditional look. 
5. The Ilkal sarees are now becoming a new trend. Nowadays these sarees are used to make a western dress which makes a fantastic & elegant look of a mixture of traditional & western. It gives a unique look at the fashion shows.

Women in Maharashtra wear it as a daily wear saree. Even the house helps wear it because it is cheap, sturdy and easy to maintain. Ilkal is related to Goddess Banashankari. It takes its name from the town Ilkal located in Bagalkot district of North Karnataka. The main body of the saree is attached to pallu by using kondhi technique.

Goddess Banashankari, the reigning deity of the Chalukyas continues to be the most powerful Shakti Goddesses in North Karnataka and the entire region continue to pay their respects and obeisance even to this day.
The Goddess is believed to have been the first recipient of Ilkal Sarees, as it was woven specially for Her and subsequently came to be popular among the women of that region.

Ilkal Sarees are dated to the 6th century as the Chalukyas and fostered by the kings' household. Black soil, on which cotton grows was the chief raw material with Indigo, which was abundantly available in the region, made it possible to weave Ilkals for Kings, households and women at large, making Ilkal Sarees the most sought-after clothing.
I have worn the same ilkal saree here before. My other ilkal saree has a kasuti embroidery on it. It can be seen here and here. 

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