15 October, 2018

Odisha cotton saree

As I wrote in my previous post here, if I am repeating the saree at least twice in a year, it is a success.  Because we women have two problems- that we do not have enough sarees and that we do not have enough occasions to wear our new sarees.  There are some sarees lying in our wardrobe, waiting to be worn for years. I am guilty of having innumerable brand new sarees, with tags on, that are waiting to be worn at the right occasion. I am a saree addict. 
I do not understand how women of my age, dress identically like their daughters and take pride in that. The bandage dresses, the off shoulder tops, the cigarette pants, the distressed jeans do nothing to flatter them any which way. They are not elegant or classy. They ooze oomph and objectify women but certainly do not make her look regal and royal. Shopping for sarees is so therapeutic. You choose sarees from different states and the choices are innumerable even within the same state. Then getting them ready- fall, pico, blouse, etc is like a festivity, like a marriage function happening at home with a lot of hustle and bustle. Sometimes we go to a shop with friends and relatives in tow and feel the fabric and choose the sarees that salesmen show by draping on themselves or on us and modelling. The other times we visit online websites and scroll through each and every piece before adding them to our shopping cart. Whichever way it happens, having a new saree is always a reason to celebrate and rejoice. 
 This saree was worn previously here.
These pictures are of Mommyland and I am seen with my gorgeous mom. 

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