03 October, 2018

Tum Tum Asia- Restaurant Review

Tum Tum Asia is in a very prime location in Delhi. It is in Eros Corporate Tower next to Inox theatre. It was opened last week. It is the brainchild of Chef Akshay Nayyar, who has previously also worked with Ananda and with Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. Chef Akshay has many accolades to his name. Tum Tum Asia is the only Pan Asian vegetarian restaurant in Dubai. But in Delhi, they have both the vegetarian and the non-vegetarian options. But a very unique thing that they have done, which is not commonly seen in many restaurants in India is that they have separate pages and sections on the menu marked with green and red signifying vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. This is specifically done in keeping in mind the sentiments of people. The names of the dishes are completely different as opposed to what we see- dim sums- veg/ non-veg. 

Tum Tum is the Tuk Tuk or the auto rickshaw. So the place is known for the street food of Asia but served much more sophisticatedly and keeping the flavours intact. They have Chinese, Singaporean, Japanese, Thai, Indian, Nepalese cuisines from Asia. An average meal for two would cost you Rs.1400/- approximately. The interiors are bright and minimalist. The service is impeccable. The ingredients that they use in their preparations are top of the line and expensive. For example, they do not use cornflour to thicken the sauces but use potato sauce instead. For dim sum, they use 5 types of flour- lotus flour, tapioca flour, all-purpose flour, potato starch, and wheat starch. Rest assured, what you get here is very authentic, original, unique, delightful and I must add epic. It is a place that you must try right away. 

Check out each picture below with its name and description. See how uniquely they present each dish. You are transported by a wizard to a fantabulous food journey. 

Masaledar Mojito and Kala Khata Goti Soda. Twist to the regular lemonade and Kala Khatta. Look how they are served in very cool things. 

Tropical Cucumber Sushi- fresh cut cucumber outside, very thinly sliced. Inside there is less rice and also some pickled cucumber. Super healthy option, good portion size, served well and what a twist to the regular sushi. 

Curry Sum- hand picked spinach with roasted garlic, cream cheese and soya particles. Never tasted a dim sum which is so unique. 

Peek a Boo- Completely Sui Generis Dim sum. Chinese open face dumplings stuffed with juicy mushroom and silky soft tofu crumble. Served with an amazingly delectable sauce.

The naked cactus- Dimsum. The freshly muddled sauce called siam rod, cactus-like chicken balls with rice pickle. Each dish that you try here is onliest. I bet would not have tasted or seen anything like this ever before. So worth going there and trying for this new experience.

It is served with 3 rare sauces. Unlike most places which serve dim sums with mayonnaise or a regular dim sums sauce, these are exclusive. 

Creamy Onion- Cottage cheese dumplings with sour cream, cheese and onion. Served with crushed potato wafers. Exceptional taste and presentation. Extraordinaire I would say. A delight to the palate.  

Charcoal Lamb- Best juicy, flavourful lamb dumplings. These are sold in kiosks of Dubai flee market. The taste is mouthwatering. This restaurant sure knows how to do their lamb preparations. You MUST try this.  It is luscious and flavourful. 

Bloody Mary Har Gao- Juicy Prawns soaked in a bloody Mary. Ambrosial. Such dainty delish. Look how it is served.

Twice cooked mushroom with rice crisps- I am a fan of mushroom and this dish is epic good. Sumptuous and savoury mushrooms that simply melted in the mouth. 

Nepalese Kothey- Tangy chicken in tomato sauce. Phenomenally toothsome chicken. 

Rangoon- Cream cheese spinach parcels served with tamarind sauce.  Very flavourful, rich, just right for the palette. These little potlis or money bags looked too cute to be edible.  You could just gulp them, close your eyes and go ammmmm!!
The tamarind sauce is just the perfect combination with it. After having so much variety, the speciality in this restaurant that it is not too heavy on the stomach. You feel just right.

Balinese Mutton- Bali style lamb curry served with malai paratha. The mutton preparations were really good. It has very light curry, which was just enough and not too spicy, not too heavy on the palate or stomach, cooked just right and had the right amount of chewiness. 

An Asian Trilogy- Short-grained rice, wok tossed veggie noodles with spicy dumplings. It is a sinful delicacy. This was delish. A sauce came out of the dumpling as I cut it and went on top of the noodles. We mixed everything and the dish was a heavenly delight. 

Phanaeng curry served with sticky rice. I especially enjoyed the way each dish was being presented and served. A lot of thought has gone into it for sure.

Tum Tum Krub- Must must try dessert. I can go there especially just for this gorgeous dessert. Look at how colourful and appetising is it. They sprinkle something on it that crackles in your mouth and transports you back to your childhood days. You should not miss it. It is sinful and heavenly.

Chocolate Burger- The presentation is super unique. I have posted a live video on my timeline, how the chef burns it with a torch and mixes and crumbles the whole things. It is a delight not just for your palate and stomach but a visual treat too.

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