02 November, 2018

Banarasi saree with Kadwa buta

This is a Banarasi pure Katan silk Kadwa resham buta saree. It is a timeless treasure I own. The silk of this saree is softest and lightest silk in my collection. I particularly liked it for its unique colour combination, the big and broad border and the beautiful bird motifs on the border and pallu. Today I had met this iconic woman over lunch. She is super well respected in the saree circuit and personifies elegance and grace. Her saree collection is drool worthy and her write-ups are really engaging.

Katan Silk Fabric

Silk is regarded as a fabric for the rich because it is quite expensive to acquire. Because of its pricey and luxurious nature, many people often turn to other artificial varieties of silk that resemble the natural version in almost every way. One such variety of silk is Katan silk, which is created when two silk filaments are twisted together to create a stronger, more reliable fabric. Because Katan silk has a unique texture, it creates a perfect backdrop for any adornments that need to be made or added to the fabric. Owing to its unique texture and appearance, it is easy to identify Katan silk from other varieties of silk.

The origins of Katan silk can be traced back to Persia before its arrival in India during the rule of the Mughal Empire. The members of the royal family would adorn fabrics made from Katan silk before the use of the fabric became more popular among the subjects. Katan silk was available in a range of colours and motifs back then but it is only recently that innovations have allowed for an extensive variety of styles, motifs, and patterns. 

I have worn the same saree here and later here earlier.

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