28 November, 2018

Bullion stitch flowers on a saree

This is a gorgeous silk saree with hand embroidered bullion sitch flowers on it. I had worn this saree here before. Here I am wearing it with Khun blouse.
The bullion stitch is a unique crochet stitch that is worked by wrapping the yarn around the hook multiple times and then pulling through all of those yarn overs at once. The result is a highly textured detailed stitch also known as the roll stitch, a name that accurately describes what it looks like. The bullion stitch is a terrific stitch for adding highly textured, almost three-dimensional, details to any crochet item.
Also known as bullion stitch, caterpillar stitch, coil stitch, knot stitch, post stitch, worm stitch, porto rico rose, grub knot.

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