18 November, 2018

Kani Saree

Kani sarees, from Sohum Sutras are selling like hot cakes. The first collection that I had put here is completely sold out. We do not have a single piece left from this collection.
Here launching the new colours and designs from the second collection.

These sarees can be worn all year round- summers and winters, as they are made of cotton silk. You can see many colour options of Kani sarees.

Everyone knows about Kani shawls. They are hand woven shawls made in Kashmir. For the first time in India, sold exclusively through our label, "Sohum Sutras", we have developed Kani sarees. These are cotton silk sarees with jacquard made with Kani weave. With the wedding season coming up, these sarees will look extremely trendy in any function. They spell elegance and richness. They are subtle, understated and yet make a statement.

They are not available anywhere else in India. To order and for enquiries, please email

Kani is an item of luxury consumption since the sixteenth century. Kani weave holds a special value and there are few master craftsmen today capable of this delicate work. Like an impressionist painting, Kani weave is a beautiful recreation of nature-inspired designs using a very fine twill tapestry technique, and it can take several years to produce just one piece.

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