06 November, 2018

Kashmiri Aari work saree

I have worn this saree here earlier. I brought this saree from Kashmir. It is called aari work. It is hand embroidery, done only in Kashmir. A pen-like needle which resembles the shape of a crochet needle gives rise to an intrinsic form of artwork called the ‘Aari work’. In this artwork beads and ‘muthia’, a sharp-edged needle is put to work, which creatively gives rise to chain stitch kind of imprints. This work is popular for its delicate and finest threadwork which enhances the essence of hand embroidery.
Aari work traces out its emergence way back in the 12th century, which marked the rule of the Mughal emperors. Floral motifs, traditional designs and fascinated the Mughal royals during that period. This popularized and brought Aari work into the limelight.

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