19 December, 2018

Chinese Garage- Restaurant review

Chinese garage is one of the good eateries that offers fresh, hot and mouth melting delicious Chinese at your doorstep promptly. Their USP is that they deliver till 4 am in entire South Delhi. They are one of the very few licensed operators across South Delhi. If you are wanting to host a party or a kitty party at home, this is an excellent option. Their food is delicious, good quantity and quite reasonably priced. They have a wide selection on their menu to choose from. It is guaranteed that you and your guests will be very happy. The food will reach you piping hot and well presented. The food is packaged so well, that it surely does not spill. The food of Chinese Garage was so tasty and healthy and it was well served with different types of sauces. I was overwhelmed by the quantities they serve. The delivery is done at the exact time that you ask for and the delivery boy reaches the exact location that you give. Must say that they are super professional.

Manchurian sticks- must try.

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