23 January, 2019

Hand-painted silk Kalamkari saree

Hand-painted Kalamkari is practised in the Srikalahasti cluster of Andhra Pradesh in which "kalam" or pen is used to draw the designs and filling of colours. It is entirely hand worked using traditional dyes. Mangalgiri fabric is a yarn dyed fabric handwoven in Andhra Cluster of India and is recognised by its characteristic thread count and Border.

At Sohum Sutras, page on facebook, tomorrow we will be launching our handpicked, hand-painted Kalamkari sarees. We also have a WhatsApp broadcast list of our loyal clients. They always get to see and choose from our products first. To be on our broadcast list, please write to us and leave your contact number. Email at: kiran.sawhney@gmail.com
We will be happy to give you a preview of the products before they are launched on the Facebook page or Instagram page. Our loyal clients also get discounted prices. 

Today I met a friend, who was clad in a Dolabedi saree from Sohum Sutras. There are more colours of Dolabedi sarees available. Check them on Sohum Sutras page. Do like this page so that you do not miss out on the latest arrivals.

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