06 January, 2019

Kani saree shades

Sohum Sutras has introduced Kani sarees for the very first time in India. 

The material of these sarees is cotton silk. These can be worn in summers and winters. 
Type: Jacquard weave. It is not printed or embroidered
Maintenance: Dry cleaning preferred. Or Gentle hand wash with mild detergent.
Colour choices and designsNow we have many shades. As seen below, each colour has different patterns like Gulabdar (floral), chinar (maple leaf) and paisley. We also have big chinar and small chinar leaves. Here are all the shades available.
Weight: Between 900 gm to 1 kilo.
Price: On request

Each saree comes with a kani blouse piece with butis. The edges of saree are finished. You may or may not put a fall. That is your choice.
The saree drapes and falls like a dream. If you hold it, you may feel that it is a heavy piece. But after draping, it does not feel heavy. It is a rich fabric. It is not light like chiffon but it is not heavy or coarse like a kotpad saree either. It is a very elegant, rich and classy drape that sure is a head turner, designed to get you many compliments wherever you go. It is an heirloom piece- a treasure that is meant to be passed on to generations.

We ship worldwide. 
For queries, email at kiran.sawhney@gmail.com

Different colours currently available.

1. Black Floral

2. Black Chinar

3. Orange Chinar

It comes with orange blouse

4. Orange Floral

5. Grey and red small Chinar and paisely

6. Ink Blue and red

7. Yellow chinar

8. Yellow Floral

9. Charcoal grey

10. Florescent green

11. Rich gold

12. Green

13. Grey and red with big chinar

14. Mauve

15. White and red

16. Navy blue and green- chinar

17. Navy blue and red- floral.

18. Sage green

19. Grey and red with paisley

20. Beige and Pink

21. White with an olive green border

22. Majestic Red

with yellow blouse

23. Pink

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