03 February, 2019

Dolabedi saree

The previous colours of Dolabedi can be seen here and here. Dolabedi. Gopalpur in Odisha is well known for its tussar. Jagannath Puri in Odisha is one of the four important Dham (religious place) for Hindus. It is well known for its Rath Yatra (chariot). The gorgeous motif of Dolabedi is a representation of those chariots of Dola Purnima.  It represents Lord Jagannath's blessings. These motifs, which are like a triangle or a dome are woven with extra weft- a technique very common in Naupatna and Gopalpur. There are multicoloured butas in the body. The pallu is very colourful too. The colourful part is offset against the relatively plain and simple body, which actually makes it look regal. The feel of this saree is so soothing to the heart and mind. Its pallu has turtles, parrots and Dola (chariots). It is not any revival saree. In fact, it is a recent innovation with traditional motifs. It is one of the expensive and exquisite Odisha weaves.

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