03 May, 2019


At Sohum Sutras we celebrate themes and months. If you have followed us, you would know we had Kani sarees, Banarasis (focus on Shikargahs), then Odisha weaves, Siddipet sarees. Our new venture is Yeola Paithanis. We curate and hand pick best of weaves from all over India. We source directly from the weavers.

In handloom sarees- and I am talking only and only in regards to handloom sarees- Whenever a designer, brand or a label claims that a particular weave or design is theirs, challenge that claim and not the person who is selling that design. This claim of exclusivity is done to hike the price and make the consumer pay more. Because a weaver is not a slave. They make their living in a dignified way and are willing to sell to me, to you and to everyone and why not? Unless you are yourself a weaver and weaving a saree, such claims of exclusivity are superficial and vain.

All big design labels tell the consumer that their work is exclusive and they will not find it anywhere else. Whereas, the fact is that it is all about the weaver and his art of weaving on which no one has any control. No one should have any control over their artistic abilities. If one does, that is like enslaving the weavers. The weavers are free to sell equally unless you give them a deal that they cannot weave anytime in their life for anyone else. Still their brother, sister or friends would be able to weave the similar designs and that would not be copying. Or else like Shah Jahan, get their hands chopped off after they have finished constructing Taj Mahal because you do not want them to replicate the design.

Giant brands and labels mint more money and do not want anyone else in the market. None of the weaves or Indian handlooms has any copyrights. No one can ever make a claim on a Banarasi or Shikargah or Kashi saree or a Paithani or Pichwai Paithani (which is cows and Lotus woven) or join stripes of Khun fabric to make a constructed saree and make a claim over its copyrights. I believe in my consumers and I believe that I have something to offer. So I do not care about big brands or labels. I appreciate the constant support of my clients and followers. Thank you.

Here I am in handloom Paithani which has earthen pots and peacocks woven in my favourite colour.

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