18 July, 2019

Tussar colour with red and gold. Ponduru charkha khadi saree.

This gorgeous tree of life in a very smart colour- Tussar colour with red and gold. Ponduru charkha khadi saree.
90% khadi in the market is mill khadi. Which makes people believe that khadi should be cheap. Some people even pass linen as Khadi. 
So when they see sky-high prices of charkha khadi, people raise eyebrows. Not their fault. Because expectation from khadi is of cheap fabric.
Ponduru charkha khadi- how to recognise. And the moment you see this, you should know that the person is wearing an expensive saree. Only discerning few wear it. It is understated, elegant, buttery soft and light. 
Unlike mill made or power loom fabrics, it does get crumpled easily. It will always have a temple border. There will always be pure gold zari in pallu and if jamdani work, there also. 
The border will be pure silk border. Some weavers do use synthetic borders that look identical like silk to bring the cost down. It can only be tested with the fire test. I have put videos in previous posts.
The cost of the saree is high because 
Manual labour of both spinning charkha and weaving
Pure silk border
Pure gold zari.
The cost will immediately go up if the border is broad, temples on the border are bigger and jamdani pallu has more work or full saree is filled with jamdani work.
Support Ponduru charkha khadi weavers. There are very few left. The younger generation does not want to weave and moves to bigger cities in search of jobs.

You can buy directly from our website Sohum Sutras.

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