26 September, 2019

St. Petersburg

How To Plan  and must do things:
    • I took a bullet train Sapsan from Moscow to St. Petersburg. On the way back, I took a 1.30 hour Aeroflot flight. The view from the train is beautiful and if you have time, take at least one side train.
    • Rains are unpredictable. Do pack your umbrella, raincoat, etc. Also do not forget your warm clothes for layering- thermals, jackets, etc.
    • Plan for at least 4+ days. St Petersburg is gorgeous and there is a lot lot to see even around it.
    • In Russia, you will have a language problem. Most people do not speak English. But people are very helpful They do try to help.
    • I am vegetarian and survived on fruits, vegetables etc. There are Indian restaurants also. But yes, there are a lot of non-vegetarian dishes there.
    • Russia is expensive. But if you spend sensibly and know the right places, you will be okay.
    • Uber does not work here. There is Yandex taxi app and that does not work with an international sim. I took the help of the hotel reception desk to call me Yandex cab. You could pay cash. 
    • Have cash ready. Taxis etc. mostly take cash.
    • Russian chocolates are yum. Russian vodka is famous. Though I did not try.
    • Everyone says and I completely agree that St. Petersburg is more beautiful.
Must-Visit Places 
    • Saint Isaac's Cathedral
    • Church of the Saviour
    • Go for a ballet show
    •  Must include Peterhof in your itinerary. Will post its pics in the next post. Take a boat trip to go there.
    • St. Petersburg raising draw bridge. Night boat trip.
    • State Hermitage Museum and Winter Palace 
    • Grand Palace
    • Nevsky Prospekt
    • Peter and Paul Fortress
    • Catherine Palace

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