08 October, 2019

Phulkari sarees

Phulkari embroidery is done using most uncomplicated patterns to create extremely intriguing designs. It is known for its myriad of bright colours. Phulkari literally means flower work. It is happy, floral, bold, colourful, bright and most essentially represent the culture of Punjab.
Originally Phulkari was done as a pass time by women of Punjab. Having completed the household chores, women in the villages of Punjab got together for friendly gossip and long hours of undisturbed embroidery. Many times, multiple women worked on a single sheet of fabric- bedspread, dupatta, shawl etc. The whole fabric was covered with embroidery work in such a way that base fabric was hardly visible. It mostly uses a darn stitch. The patterns of Phulkari are neither drawn nor traced.
These are 2 Phulkari sarees on Chinon. You can buy them from our website Sohum Sutras.

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