05 February, 2021

Kani Saree

            "Timeless, eternal, classic, chic and graceful," is what Kani sarees can be described as. These sarees are woven meticulously and painstakingly on a jacquard loom to weave an array of colours and patterns. They are woven with the same technique as interlocking twill tapestry.

Kani weaving is a centuries-old craft, practised by very skilled weavers who inherited the technique from their forefathers. It is believed to be an art indigenous to Kanihama and traced back to 3000 BC. These exquisite weaves were once coveted by Mughal Kings. Today we see our celebrities and politicians adorning them with pride as they are simple and elegant weaves. They are understated, yet rich, exclusive and classy.

Kani weaving is the pinnacle of Kashmiri weaving known for its refined and intricate weaves. No other form of weaving can match Kani in its sophistication. It is a prized craft with the weaving of extremely high quality and sophistication.

Our Kani sarees have wide colour palettes densely patterned with ornate paisleys, creepers, flowers, birds and eclectic designs, continue to be woven in the traditional manner. These are motifs of joy in the fabric of time. These are made on a jacquard loom.

These Kani sarees are woven with finest pashmina silk. Do not mistake it for Pashmina wool. These are not warm. These are silks which have a fabulous fall and drape. They are suited to all weather- summers and winters. 

These are a statement and heirloom pieces. Each saree comes with a contrast Kani blouse. They come neatly edged. They are easy to maintain.

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