02 March, 2022

White nari kunj motif double ikat patan patola.

White nari kunj motif double ikat patan patola.
Patan patolas are considered auspicious and believed to bring good fortune and ward off the evil eye. These were preferred choice of royalty and definitely must have for elite women. When you buy a traditional handloom like double ikat patan patola, you do not just support a weaver, his family, small business, our economy, you help to sustain this centuries old art and weave, the generations who have dedicated their lives and livelihood to this. You wear a piece of heritage that will never go out of fashion and whose value will appreciate. Narikunj design.

 You can visit our Website, Facebook page, or Instagram page to see the full collection or you can get in touch via---

Email -  sohumsutras@gmail.com,


WhatsApp - +91-9810530027

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Please Note

Wearing the brand Sohum Sutras  sets you apart. Our brand signifies heirloom, heritage, classic timeless limited editions, regality and sophistication.

Sohum Sutras is an online store. We  hand pick and curate  sarees directly from weavers and  travel the length and breadth of the whole country. We do not have a physical outlet. Your queries are best answered through WhatsApp +919810530027. Queries cannot be answered on social media.

WE SHIP WORLDWIDE FREE. For overseas clients we get sarees finished.

We post our products first to our privè broadcast list on WhatsApp. The inside circle gets preview to our exclusive collection with prices. 

For resellers, we can send pictures and videos and ship on your behalf to your clients.

Once sold, we cannot replicate and restock the handloom products. It is our policy not to discuss the price of Sold out products.

Payment is by Google pay, Phone Pe, WhatsApp, bank transfer, Credit card, Xoom, Paypal.

To book a product, and for us to hold, you need to make a payment immediately. No exchange or return unless you receive a damaged product. 

Happy shopping!

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