31 May, 2008

about me

Education As Certified Fitness Trainer :

1. Speedo -Toronto, Canada-aqua aerobics, Taekwonaqua and aqua aerobics for kids.
2. Reebok- Aerobics, Step aerobics, Conditioning, strength, flexibility & Core Pilates.
3. IFA (International Fitness Association)-Orlando,Florida-Personal Trainer,Kickboxing,Step & Aerobics.
4. Experienced in all kinds of exercise equipment: Thera Band, Tubing, Stability Trainer, Flex Bar, Swiss ball, Medicine Ball, Trampoline, free weights, Ramp, Bosu.
5. Member of Idea fitness- U.S.A.
6. Resolutions of Reebok- where master trainers from all over world share their expertise.
7. Specialize in bhangra aerobics and dandiya aerobics.
8. SHIATSU - Japan.
9. Chi Kung, Zhan Zhuang and Tai Chi - Singapore.
10. Yoga - Sivananda.
11. CPR certified- American Association
12. Also teach Salsa, Jazz, Jive, Merengue. Cha Cha and dancercise

Work Experience As Certified Fitness Trainer:

- Have taught in D.D.A. Saket sports club Delhi & India habitat centre Delhi India.
- Write articles on health & fitness for various newspapers, magazines & web sites.
- Have been awarded best aerobics instructor.
- Have choreographed shows for some schools in Delhi.
- Regular programme being aired on all the major national channels.
- Presently am running my own fitness Centre by the name of Fitnesolution which specialises in group classes, personal training and Corporate Training.

Performed new member orientations, body fat analysis, cardiovascular, strength & flexibility evaluations including target heart rate calculations, calories burnt during the workout, postural analysis. Success rate so far has been 100% with each client satisfactorily achieving the target weight or inch loss or body toning. There has been not a single incidence of reported injury. Ability to interact effectively with all age groups. Have never failed to give optimum results in terms of fitness.

Language skills- English,Hindi,Punjabi & Japanese.

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