30 May, 2008

Journey to loose weight

October 2008 54 kgs!!

June 2008 58 kgs !!

End of May 2008 59 kgs !!

May 2008 61 kgs !!

April 2008 63 kgs !!

March 2008 65 kgs !!

Feb 2008 80 kgs !!


  1. Oh, my goodness, Kiran, you know, you look so beautiful even in the 80 lb picture. You're really pretty.
    Very well done on losing the excess weight -- good job!

  2. I just watched a bunch of your videos (embedded in the post above this one) -- they're really great. I'm just so impressed!

  3. Inspired- is the word!

    P.S. You can go to settings and remove the word verfication thing- it makes it easier to comment

  4. Oh my god! You were 80 kgs?? and you lost 26 kgs! It's an achievement Kiran. U really inspired me again! If I were in Mumbai I would have come and met you :)

    btw I saw similarities in someone else's blog also who started off in 2009! and the inspiration seems to be taken from you since (I think)you guys know each other and no credit or a mention was given. Sad that those people claim to be original.

  5. How, is the obnly thing coming to my mind.