11 June, 2008


In our Ancient books of Ayurvedic medicine, we find reference to obesity, and its treatment. The text of Bhava Prakash devotes chapters to this problem - they mention certain herbs i.e. plants and their products, that can successfully combat obesity.

Haritaki: Which reduces accumulated Vata. Although overweight is usually as a result of Kapha imbalance, accumulated Vata in addition to obesity can cause problems of the digestive system such as bloating, gas, constipation.

"Amalaki": which rejenuvates tissues, relieves irritation of digestive system and helps reduce unhealthy food cravings.

"Bibhitaki" : which liquiefies and expels kapha accumulation in the digestive system.

"Trikatu" : an aggregate of three common spices "black pepper", ‘long piper’and ‘dry ginger’ promotes digestion.

"Guggul" : which reduces fat and toxins and helps to check obesity.

In India since ancient times, physicians were aware of the problem of obesity and had taken measure to control it. Although herbs are far more effective and less harmful than conventional diet drugs for controlling obesity, they must only be taken under supervision of a qualified doctor.

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