16 June, 2008

food facts intended for people attempting to lose weight

Fast food facts for McDonalds

• Hash browns "weight for weight" contains more fat and calories than a cheeseburger or Big Mac.
• McDonald’s regular milkshakes have less than 10 grams of total fat - the calorie content is high due to added sugar
• there are more calories in a large portion of French Fries than in 9 Chicken McNuggets
• a double sausage & egg McMuffin contains more calories and fat than any other single breakfast item
• the hamburger has the lowest fat and calories out of all McDonalds burgers
• the new Big Tasty third-pounder burger now has far more fat and calories than any other single item
• a large chocolate donut contains more fat and calories than any other desert item
Calories in McDonald’s food

Fast food facts for Chinese food

• Prawn crackers may seem a light food but they are fried in oil and contain lots of calories and fat
• the vegetable items are usually lower in fat than the meat dishes but can still be high in total calories
• Boiled rice is much lower in calories then fried rice. And of course brown rice is better option than white rice.
• Spare ribs are often loaded with fat and give them that satisfying taste
• Duck and Pork dishes are very often the highest fat foods of all Chinese meat dishes
• many appetizers are deep fried and some can hold more oil resulting in excessive calories
• Meat items fried in batter contain 3 lots of calories, from the protein (meat), Carbs (batter) & fat (frying)
• Stir-fry dishes are the best choice for lower calories

Weight loss progress often slows due to a lowered metabolism. Increase metabolism before cutting calories and very low calorie diets won’t be necessary

Fast food facts for Indian food

• Pappadums are very high in calories but because they are often eaten in small portions energy intake is low
• Korma and Biryani dishes are some of the most fattening Indian dishes
• although the fat content in naan bread is medium they are such a dense food that total calories are high
• Indian foods are often cooked in Ghee - basically pure fat and high in cholesterol!
• Any sauces that solidify at room temperature are high in saturated fats
• Tikka dishes are usually lower in fat as the meat is cooked in a dry oven
• Green Chiles used in many Indian curries are high in vitamin C
• Red chili powder is high in vitamin A

Fast food facts for Italian food

• Creamy pasta sauces are often higher in fat.
• Tomato based sauces are the best choice. Other good option is to opt for fresh mozarella cheese instead of processed cheese sauce. There is variety of low fat cheese options available.
• Some Italian breads are served soaked in oil
• Lasagne is made with layers of cheese which is loaded with fat. Again opt for fresh cheese instead of the processed one.
• Pizza vegetable toppings are a better choice than meat toppings
• Choose thin-based pizza and add extra chilli and garlic rather than fatty pepperoni or extra cheese.

Fast food facts for Chip shop food

• Fish cakes are lower in fat than fish in batter
• The batter helps hold more oil when fish is deep fried
• Chips are loaded with fat, calories and salt
• Mushy peas is a much better chip shop choice rather than chips
• Many chip shops use palm oil which is the cheapest and loaded with saturated fat

All fast food facts listed above are intended for people attempting to lose weight. It does not mean any foods stated are necessarily bad for health!

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